You've definitely come to the right spot. Our exclusive kit helps teach self-regulation to little kids with big emotions.

What is Tantrum Fix?

Tantrum Fix is a complete method to tame tantrums, based in gentle discipline along with a set of tools you'll need to teach emotional language and healthy copying techniques. Each element in our toolkit plays a specific purpose, and they are all explained in our easy-to-follow parents booklet.

Calmer kids = Happier Families

Parents are loving Tantrum Fix


OBSESSED doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about the Tantrum Fix Box. We keep everything inside the box and as soon as my son starts to melt down, I mention the box and he immediately goes and gets it and begins to calm down. Highly recommend this to anyone who’s looking to a gentler approach to calming down tantrums!



I have to say, I was skeptical that it would work with my little rambunctious toddler but to my surprise, it ACTUALLY worked y'all. I'm definitely keeping some of the items in my purse for those grocery store runs!



This box has been the biggest help with my 3-year-old Violet. We are in full tantrum mode over here. and this box has all the tools to help her learn to calm down in a healthy way!


You deserve a chill household

We are a team of Parents, Teachers and Child Psychologists, and we are on a mission to help you raise happy and well adjusted individuals. We bring decades of years of working with little children in school settings and private practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a kit?

Teaching little ones self-regulation is best when combining reading with practicing techniques. Our kit elements walks your child through special tactics using carefully planned sensory elements and activities that accelerate this process.

Is this a subscription?

Absolutely not!

My child's tantrums are out-of-this world! Will this help?

Yes! We are so sure that we offer free returns, no questions asked.

If you are tired of....

✅ Lecturing or punishing your child without any success.

✅ Listening to unsolicited advice about how you should handle your children's tantrums.

✅ Thinking that there should be a better way...

And you want to...

✅ Be able to take your little one to places without stressing out that they'll explode in a tantrum.

✅ Enjoy family time together.

✅ Re-gain your confidence as a parent.

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