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Tame your kids' tantrums for good.

An effective, award-winning kit to end little kids' tantrums.

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Why a kit?

Teaching little kids about their big emotions and how to effectively cope with them takes a bit of work on your end. We've simplified the most effective method and included all the elements you'll need so you can take charge in 3 easy steps.

we are a team of moms, teachers and child psychologists

And we are on a mission to help you raise happy and well adjusted individuals.

A magical calming corner for your child

Your Tantrum Fix kit will arm you with a comprehensive (yet easy to read!) booklet with clear guidelines, a book to read to your child at nighttime, an exclusive set of flashcards to help your child select a calming technique, and 5 other sensory elements to help your child hit the "reset button". By using the kit daily, your tantrum nightmares will be put to bed.

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Tantrum Fix


Tantrum Fix
Tantrum Fix Tantrum Fix Tantrum Fix tantrums tantrums Tantrum Fix Tantrum Fix

Emotional meltdowns, or tantrums, are a normal but often challenging part of development in young children. A bit of preparation can go a long way to shorten tantrums in the moment and prevent them in the long run. Tantrum Fix was specially created by a team of moms, teachers and child psychologists to give parents and kids all the tools they need to tackle tantrums in one easy kit.

Each kit contains a detailed step-by-step methodology for parents and a curated selection of items for the child designed to channel and help children cope with their emotions.

Parents are loving tantrum fix

We love our box!! It truly has helped us so much!!

– @the_shaw_girls

This box has been the biggest help with my 3-year-old Violet. We are in full tantrum mode over here. and this box has all the tools to help her learn to calm down in a healthy way!

– @mckayinvegas

I have to say, I was skeptical that it would work with my little rambunctious toddler but to my surprise, it ACTUALLY worked y'all. I'm definitely keeping some of the items in my purse for those grocery store runs!

– @urbanmomspot

Tantrum Fix is a great resource to gently start teaching your kiddos about emotions, and specifically how to handle the not so fun meltdowns. I love incorporating the Calm Down book into our nightly read-aloud routine with my 2-year-old, so that when she was feeling upset about something, I was able to effectively communicate and help her to learn how to self soothe with all the fun items provided. I also like that the items are easily taken on the go, so you'll have them when needed!

– @livingratefully

"OBSESSED doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about the Tantrum Fix Box. We keep everything inside the box and as soon as my son starts to melt down, I mention the box and he immediately goes and gets it and begins to calm down. Highly recommend this to anyone who’s looking to a gentler approach to calming down tantrums!"

– @discoverelle

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Our Story

My sweet little Emi used to throw the most massive tantrums. We were clueless and exhausted. We read countless blog posts and books, took classes and webinars... but nothing seemed to work. After a really successful consultation with our favorite Child Psychologist, our daughter turned the corner in such a positive way that I knew I had to share this effective method with parents and caregivers everywhere.

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