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How to teach little kids to self-regulate with deep breaths

How to teach little kids to self-regulate with deep breaths

One of the main techniques we love using to help little kids calm down during a temper tantrum is taking 3 to 5 deep breaths.

Deep breathing has shown to help with self-regulation, anxiety, stress, concentration and overall changing our emotional state. However, it can sometimes be tricky to teach deep breathing to little children.

Here are a few ideas we love:

  • Blowing Bubbles (hint... this is why we always include bubbles in our Tantrum Fix kits!)
  • Imagining they are sitting in front of a big bowl of hot soup (or their favorite dish)
  • Pretending to blow birthday candles
  • Blow bubbles underwater when taking a bath

All of those activities use a similar skill to deep breathing and can also be a good idea to call during a big tantrum. Instead of asking your child to take a deep breath... try having them blow bubbles. More fun and quite effective :)

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