Preventing tantrums during the holiday shopping season

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tantrums during the holidays

Our friends at RedTri got a hold of our resident pro, Kat and compiled a great set of tips to prevent meltdowns during the busy holiday shopping season.

Here's a preview:

The Solution: Get to the stores earlier in the day to avoid crowds. Before you go in, lay out the ground rules: (i.e. if you want to allow “just one small treat," explain that they have to stay close, etc.). “You can prevent a lot of tantrums by looking at the triggers," said Firme, who worked as a consultant on a genius go-to kit called Tantrum Fix, which comes with an assortment of items to help little ones calm down, mid-meltdown (and the proper language to use before they start simmering). “Most of those things, it’s like, ‘OK you’re hungry. You’re tired. You’re uncomfortable. It’s the same as adults but it’s more exaggerated because they can’t express that.”

Head over to Red Tricycle for the whole list of great tips.

Thanks for trying out Tantrum Fix, RedTri!


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