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Is reading a bedtime story part of your nightly routine? If so, what is your child’s favorite book? If not, consider adding it in! There are several reasons why reading before bed can benefit your child (and you!).


When your child has a tantrum coming on or is just working his or her way out of one, using a puzzle-type toy to refocus their mind and energy towards is an extremely helpful tactic. 


For many exhausted parents, 🙋🏽 we look forward to when our children finally go to sleep. Their slumber is our gateway to a few hours of personal time (aka when we catch up with our spouse, watching brain-numbing reality television, or finally shower). So obviously bedtime tantrums are the absolute worst after a very long day. Here are some strategies to reduce bedtime tantrums


One of the main techniques we love using to help little kids calm down during a temper tantrum is taking 3 to 5 deep breaths.

Deep breathing has shown to help with self-regulation, anxiety, stress, concentration and overall changing our emotional state. However, it can sometimes be tricky to teach deep breathing to little children.

Here are a few ideas we love:


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