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Everybody is talking about how parents are coping with COVID19, working from home, having to homeschool, the amount of cleaning, cooking and 0 breaks they get.

But how our kids are coping with the effects of social isolation during the pandemic? Are they really aware of what's really going on? How are they reacting to their parents' stress? Are they able to identify how they are feeling? How can we help them dig into their own feelings, get them to express themselves in an effective way?

To answer these questions, we reached out to Haylee Bladen, LCSW, Founder & Clinical Director ofĀ Whole Kids Emotional Wellness. Haylee's practice helps kids and teens through personal counseling as well asĀ skillsĀ groups.

Haylee was kind enough to also offer two Free Printables, read up!

Thank you so much, Haylee! Take it away:Ā 


Toddlers spend a great deal of their time observing you, learning new things, trying to understand limits... pushing said limits.Ā 

It is out job to teach them the rules of living in society, to act kindly, to respect other people, to act safely, etc.Ā 

Multiple studies prove that spanking and negative discipline not only damage your child, and your relationship with him/her, but also don't teach your child to act with kindness and respect. Rather, you may end up with anĀ aggressiveĀ child that hits other kids at school, does poorly at playdates, etc.

Here's what to do: