What is the meaning of tantrums and how to stop them

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What is the meaning of tantrums and how to stop them

A tantrum is an uncontrollable burst of emotions that often involves a child in tears, screaming, and even throwing themselves to the floor or banging their heads.

And while this is considered developmentally normal, there are definitely good and not-so-great ways of dealing with them. Read up:

What to avoid when dealing with tantrums

We strongly recommend you stay away from time-outs and other forms of punishment when dealing with your little one’s tantrums.

Punishing a child for expressing their emotions only teaches them to shut down... which will eventually backfire. Your little one will only feel more pain and won't learn from this experience.

Little kids need us to teach them what they are feeling, helping label what they experience and to give them tools to appropriately channel their big emotions.

The best way to deal with tantrums

Our approach to tantrums is two-fold:

  1. Reading to your child about tantrums and how to overcome them. Giving them tools to effectively calm down and know what to do next time a temper tantrum happens.
  2. Building a calming space with your little one, so they have an appropriate area to go release steam and find objects and activities that will help them self-regulate.

When to seek professional help to deal with your child's tantrums

Persistent and severe tantrums can sometimes be a sign of developmental issues or health problems. It’s a very good idea to get professional help if:

* Your child’s tantrums are very aggressive towards themselves or others.

* You are having a really hard time keeping calm and putting your kid’s behavior in perspective.

* You are starting to restrict activities and your family dynamics are heavily impacted.

Who should you reach out to for help?

Your pediatrician or primary family doctor will direct you to the most appropriate resources in your area.



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