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Magnetic Emotions Chart for Toddlers (New!)

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Magnetic Emotions Chart for Toddlers (New!)

Often times tantrums, whining and screaming in toddlers occur when little children aren't able to properly express their feelings. A wonderful way to prevent these behaviors is by increasing your child's emotional language

For example, if notice your child often bursts into a temper tantrum when they are frustrated, showing them a visual representation of that emotion and helping them label them will result in a child that tells you they are frustrated and cooperates with you in finding a solution, rather than using screaming, head-banging and other coping mechanisms.

Many kids can also identify (receptive language) more than they can express. This is why we have designed our exclusive Emotions Chart as a high-quality magnet you can keep on your fridge, dishwasher or other appliances in your kitchen for easy access, ideally placed at your child's height.

Emotions included:

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Scared
  • Excited
  • Surprised
  • Shy
  • Embarrassed
  • Tired
  • Hungry
  • Frustrated
  • Okay

Exclusive Design, printed in high-quality magnet, 11x8 inches.

The perfect complement to our award-winning Tantrum Fix kit.

How to use the Emotions Chart

We recommend placing your Emotions Chart at your child/children's height, ideally on your fridge, in your kitchen where you spend most of your time together.

Start walking them through each emotion, having them "act" the emotion and repeating the words.

Next, use any opportunity you guys are together to show them how you use your own emotion's language. For example, if you are at the playground and a child falls, you can comment "that boy fell, and he is very upset. I'm sure his knee hurts very badly".

Or if you are waiting in line at the supermarket and it is moving quite slow, take the opportunity to share something along the lines of "We have been waiting for quite some time. I feel frustrated sometimes when I have to wait for too long. Thank you for being patient".

Designed by the same team that brought you the award winner Tantrum Fix solution.

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