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Thank you for your support! Tantrum Fix will be back in stock on October 20th 2019.

Tantrum Fix is a comprehensive method to gently tame meltdowns and to teach young children how to self-regulate their emotions using a specialized, portable kit that contains everything parents and kids need to ride the storm of any tantrum.

What's in each tantrum-taming kit?

  • Our comprehensive booklet, detailing our method step-by-step.
  • The sweetest book to read to your little one at night - teaching them about their emotions and how to self-regulate.
  • A set of exclusive flashcards created to teach young children both verbal and nonverbal different self-regulation strategies.
  • An amazing calm-down sensory bottle, to help your child calm and refocus. This is normally used in preschool settings- the child shakes it and looks through the soothing glitter settling down... as their own big feelings reset.
  • A sensory magnetic puzzle, appealing to a broad age range.
  • High-quality Bubbles - a quick calming diversion, plus the best way to teach little ones the act of deep breathing.
  • The softest cuddling lovey, that helps calm little ones and relieves tension and anxiety
  • A drawing set for your child to draw about their feelings and express what made them upset in the first place.
  • Extra space for your own kid’s special items.

How to stop temper tantrums:

Tantrum Fix was specially created to give parents and kids all the tools they need to tackle tantrums in one easy toolkit.

In a nutshell,

  • Tantrum Fix is a gentle yet comprehensive solution for addressing emotional tantrums in young children
  • Designed to shorten and lessen the severity of tantrums while teaching children the emotional awareness they need to self-regulate, communicate and eventually outgrow tantrums altogether
  • Each kit contains a detailed step-by-step methodology for parents and a curated selection of items for the child designed to channel and help children cope with their emotions

Is this a time-out? 

This is definitely NOT a time-out or another form of punishment.

Why do time-outs and punishments don't work specifically for tantrums?

We believe there's a big difference between true misbehavior and an emotional outburst. 

Punishing a child for expressing their emotions only teaches them to shut down... which will eventually backfire. Your little one will only feel more pain and won't learn from this experience.

Little kids need us to teach them what they are feeling, helping label what they experience and to give them tools to appropriately channel their big emotions.

Building a calming corner alongside with your child provides a wonderful opportunity for you as a caregiver to teach invaluable emotional intelligence lessons that will affect all sort of areas of their development later in life.

Rather than a time-out, a calming corner is a safe space your child will love building and using whenever they feel upset, angry, disappointed, anxious, scared or frustrated.

Time-outs and other forms of discipline should only be used when a child does something wrong completely on purpose (for example, a child hits/kicks their little sibling knowing it will hurt).

What happens after I read the book and build the calming space?

Your child will know what to do and will naturally reach for this magical space and its calming objects until it isn't needed anymore :)

Will this work for my child?

Yes! Teaching emotions to our children will not only help through tantrums, but it will also strengthen your relationship with them and you will see how over time they start listening better, which will, in turn, improve your family dynamics on many levels.

Here's how to tell you if need professional intervention and who to call.

Is this a subscription?

Not at all! One time only - you won't need anything else :)

Is this suitable to stop tantrums in kids with autism?

Tantrum fix is also suitable to use for children on the autism spectrum as all children highly benefit from increasing their ability to recognize and express emotions. Tantrum fix uses visuals to help teach self-regulation and increase emotional awareness. 


One child or siblings size? 

If you have more than one little one going through their tough tantrum phase,

you can choose to get a single box and build together a calming corner that anybody can use when needed (similar to how this would work on a preschool/school setting) or you can choose to buy a special box for siblings that comes with some of the sensory elements duplicated, to avoid your kids fighting over them. This is a personal preference - you know your kids best.

If you have more than 2 kids and would love a custom box, please email us at hello@tantrumfix.com and we will build a box just for you.

How does it work in school settings?

Very similarly to managing tantrums at home, the idea is to introduce the book at circle time and start discussing tantrums with your young students. You will then build a special calming corner with the elements in your Tantrum Fix box and direct your children there for an effective reset. Your children will eventually learn the concept and take themselves to your calming area for a quick soothing moment.

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