How to manage sibling rivalry

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How to manage sibling rivalry

Sibling rivalry.

So hard to see and challenging to manage. Our advice is two-fold: 

1) zero tolerance for any physical aggression (whatever that means for you, from a more gentle approach to a time out) - see below. 
2) help them build a strong friendship and love for each other by creating sweet memories together, to balance out the not-so-sweet memories 😊. What do we mean by “zero tolerance”?

🌈 Just as you don’t let your kids ride in the car without a proper car seat...
🌈 Just as they don’t get to skip school...
🌈 Or any other situation when you firmly stand by your parenting choice.

[Your script:]💡 “In this family, we love and respect each other. We don’t hit, pinch, kick, etc. You can use our words, you can call me and help you resolve differences, and we can work things out together”.

💡 We also love using family meetings to address these (very normal!) issues and get our little ones to brainstorm with us ways to improve our communication with each other, ways to resolve conflict and to come up with fun ideas too.


In conclusion: you can make your kids grow closer and create a beautiful bond between them. You got this!

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