Handling Tantrums in a Daycare, Preschool and Elementary School setting

Our regular Tantrum Fix kit is the perfect solution for effectively handling tantrums in a group care setting, for daycares, preschools and elementary schools. We have several schools currently using Tantrum Fix in their classroom and this is what has worked for them:

How to control tantrums in your classroom

When you first receive your box, you'll see several elements. Start with your booklet, and get familiar with our methodology.

Next, at story time, start reading the book to your children. This book talks about emotions, what to do when we feel angry or frustrated and all the of coping mechanisms that can be really helpful during a meltdown.

Lastly, work with your group in building a special nook or corner where you will leave this box and its contents (plus a few more that you may add). You want to make sure it is accessible enough, yet as quiet as possible.

Reinforce the message and have the children participate as much as possible. Next time a tantrum happens, they'll know what to do :)

What else is in your Tantrum Fix box?

✔ A set of activity flashcards. Even if your little ones aren't able to read, we’ve added illustrations that can help facilitate a diversion. Have them flip through them until finding a calming activity. (We recommend you get familiar with the activities first and feel free to add your own!)

✔ A calming bottle. Flipping the bottle up and down will provide a mesmerizing activity that has shown to be very calming. This is also known as an “active time-out”. Show it to your children during circle time and explain how it works, so when a meltdown happens, they know exactly what to do and how to find it :)

✔ Bubbles. Bubbles are calming and mesmerizing... but the real reason we included them is for you to use them as a tool to help your little ones learn how to take deep breaths. Practice when they are calm and happy so they know what to do during a tantrum. Bubbles can also be a fun diversion to help them reset.

✔ A puzzle. We’ve picked one that appeals to most ages and isn’t too complicated, plus the fact that it is magnetic means you can bring them with you for on-the-go tantrum management.

✔ A soft blankie/lovey (feel free to replace it with your classroom's stuffy if you have one) this one is our favorite :).

✔ Drawing materials - help little ones draw about their feelings! - often times that is much easier for them than verbalizing.

Consistency is key. Use circle time to talk about feelings and help children label their emotions. Show them the calming corner and help them decorate it. Use yourself as an example too - you can tell them about a time when you felt frustrated and how you take deep breaths to help feel better. And practice deep breathing as a group.

What is the ideal age for Tantrum Fix in a classroom setting?

We recommend Tantrum Fix for children aged 2 and up, all the way to 2nd and even 3rd grade.

Do you offer a discount for teachers?

Yes! Please send us an email and we will also include guidelines for your specific classroom situation. 

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