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Curious to learn more about the unique Tantrum Fix method and toolkit?

Here's what's inside and why:

1. Tantrum Fix Booklet for Parents and Caregivers


Our method starts with a simple, straightforward guidelines booklet designed for parents and caregivers. We will walk you through our positive-discipline-based method step by step. In addition to the printed booklet, you will receive information via email and you'll be able to get in touch with our team of specialists directly for extra support.

2. Tantrum Fix Book for Children

Tantrum Fix Book

The Tantrum Fix book was specially develop to walk children through our method in a fun and engaging way. All the elements in the toolkit are tied together in the storyline, helping children develop self-regulation techniques.

The rest of the elements are meant to be used to build a special calming space:

3. Tantrum Fix Flashcards:

Tantrum Fix Flashcards

The Tantrum Fix flashcards help little children quickly find a self-regulation technique during a big emotional outburst, when words are hard to come out and their mind isn't able to focus. Flipping through our flashcards will give your child a concrete activity that will help them calm down. Each flashcard activity is explained in detail in their book, where they are encouraged to practice them - so when the time comes to use them, they know exactly what to do to feel better.

4. Tantrum Fix Calming Bottle

 Tantrum Fix Calming Bottle

This magical glittery bottle is essentially a wonderful sensory calming tool to help your child reset their mind during a tantrum. It is used in schools, occupational therapy and child therapists offices as a way to teach little ones self-regulation.

When your child is so upset that they can't focus or engage in deep breathing or similar calming techniques, this bottle will help by providing a visual anchor to help them rest. Shake the bottle once and let your little one become mesmerized by seeing all the sparkles settle at the bottom. Our bottle takes about 2 minutes to settle down, the perfect amount of time a toddler or preschooler needs. 

While we recommend you leave the calming bottle in your kid's special calming corner, we've designed it to be small enough to take on the go in your handbag.

5. Tantrum Fix Drawing KitTantrum Fix drawing kit

Non-verbal or very upset children can have a hard time explaining their emotions to their parents and caregivers. Research shows that through art those emotions come out much easier. Have your little ones draw about what made them upset in the first place... and also what could help them feel better.

Our notebook is made out of recycled materials and the crayons are toxic-free.

6. Tantrum Fix Lovey

 Tantrum Fix Lovey

The softest cuddling lovey, that helps calm little ones and relieves tension and anxiety. This is destined to become your child's best friend.

7. Tantrum Fix Sensory Calming Magnetic Maze

Tantrum Fix Sensory Maze

Our sensory magnetic puzzle- appealing to a broad age range - helps refocus the mind. This portable and easy to play maze works with your child's brain in a very calming way.

8. High Quality Bubbles - to teach deep breathing techniques

Tantrum Fix Bubbles

Teaching deep breathing techniques to young children can be a little tricky - and that's why we love using the act of blowing bubbles as a fun and simple way to demo this exercise. 

We've also included extra space for your own kid's special items (for example, their favorite stuffy).

Why do time-outs and punishments don't work specifically for tantrums?

Punishing a child for expressing their emotions only teaches them to shut down... which will eventually backfire. Your little one will only feel more pain and won't learn from this experience.

Little kids need us to teach them what they are feeling, helping label what they experience and to give them tools to appropriately channel their big emotions.

Building a calming corner alongside your child provides a wonderful opportunity for you as a caregiver to teach invaluable emotional intelligence lessons that will affect all sorts of areas of their development later in life.

Rather than a time-out, a calming corner is a safe space your child will love building and using whenever they feel upset, angry, disappointed, anxious, scared or frustrated.

What happens after I read the book and build the calming space?

Your child will know what to do and will naturally reach for this magical space and its calming objects until it isn't needed anymore :)

It is important that you continue reading the book and keep the calming space fresh and exciting, re-decorating it from time to time, adding/removing items. This is a rewarding journey that will pay off in so many other areas of your child's development.

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