Tantrum Fix

Original Tantrum Fix Calming Bottle


Original Tantrum Fix Calming Bottle

This magical glittery bottle is essentially a wonderful sensory calming tool to help your child reset their mind during a tantrum. It is used in schools, occupational therapy and child therapists offices as a way to teach little ones self-regulation.

When your child is so upset that they can't focus or engage in deep breathing or similar calming techniques, this bottle will help by providing a visual anchor to help them rest. Shake the bottle once and let your little one become mesmerized by seeing all the sparkles settle at the bottom. Our bottle takes about 2 minutes to settle down, the perfect amount of time a toddler or preschooler needs. 

While we recommend you leave the calming bottle in your kid's special calming corner, we've designed it to be small enough to take on the go in your handbag.

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