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Toddlers can be challenging in so many ways - between potty training, tantrums, picky eating, becoming verbal, becoming more physical and the dreaded sleep issues.

Especially now during quarantine, I have found myself battling with my kids who want to stay up late and a somehow loose routine that doesn't lead to great sleep patterns.

That's why I reached out to the amazing Heidi Lovens, Certified Baby & Toddler Sleep Coach for tips. 


This is one of the less- talked about issues we face as parents, but arguably one of the most stressful ones (yes, even worse than the dreaded tantrums). Despite your efforts to get your kids excited about grandma, despite your love for your own mom or mother in law... for some very strange reason... your baby screams at the sight of grandma.

Here's what to do:


With so many families around the world having to stay home with their little ones, we reached out to the super experienced homeschooling mama of 4 Marnesha Augustine for tips to get our toddlers entertained during this pandemic.

Marnesha holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's in family studies and can be found over at her blog where you'll find amazing resources for parents who normally homeschool, or are thinking of going that route, or those - like myself- who find ourselves in this new role. Thank you so much Marnesha! We love what you do and commend you for doing it so graciously.