A Solution for Tantrums in Siblings

Having multiple children close in age sometimes means managing tantrums for siblings at the same time.

Our original Tantrum Fix kit is meant to be used for a single child, siblings and in a classroom setting for 10-20 children. (More on that here)

While one box should be perfectly sufficient for handling tantrums of multiple children, we have received countless requests from families that were dealing with tantrums in siblings, who also oftentimes fought over toys and sharing in general (you know... little kids...). If you think regular our box may cause a bit more problems than a solution, then a Tantrum Fix Siblings box will help.

Tantrum Fix for Siblings

Our Tantrum Fix for Siblings box comes with clear guidelines for you, a book to read to your children at bedtime and special elements designed to create a calming corner:
✔ A set of activity flashcards. Even if your children aren't able to read, we’ve added illustrations that can help facilitate a diversion. Have them flip through them until finding a calming activity. (We recommend you get familiar with the activities first and feel free to add your own!)
✔ Two calming bottles. This is a tool that is normally used in preschool settings. Flipping the bottle up and down will provide a mesmerizing activity that has shown to be very calming. This is also known as an “active time-out”.
✔ Bubbles. Bubbles are calming and mesmerizing... but the real reason we included them is for you to use them as a tool to help your little ones learn how to take deep breaths. Practice when they are calm and happy so they know what to do during a tantrum. Bubbles can also be a fun diversion to help them reset.
✔ Two magnetic puzzles. We’ve picked one that appeals to most ages and isn’t too complicated, plus the fact that it is magnetic means you can bring them with you for on-the-go tantrum management. One for each child!
✔ Two soft blankie/loveys (feel free to replace it with your children's favorite stuffy or security blanket) this one is our favorite :).
✔ Drawing materials - help your children draw about their feelings! - often times that is much easier for them than verbalizing. Consistency is key here. Even if you have to read the book to your children night after night, we strongly recommend you keep doing it until tantrums start getting shorter, less loud or completely disappear (yay, you!). We’ve also included a list of great resources at the end of your booklet if you’d like more variety.

Should you buy a regular Tantrum Fix box or a Tantrum Fix for siblings box?

Our initial recommendation is to just go with a regular Tantrum Fix box, but at the end of the day, you know your little ones best, and if sharing has been an issue you've been dealing with and you think it could make matters a bit more challenging, then go with a Tantrum Fix for Siblings kit.

What if I have more than 2 kids?

You can choose to order a regular box, or you can email us and request a custom box for the right amount of kids.

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