Tantrum Fix

Free Online Parenting Class | The toddler years and beyond

Are you frazzled, exhausted and clueless when it comes to handling your toddler's behavior?

You are not alone. 

As a mom of two little girls, I have experienced tantrums, sleepless nights, picky eating, aggressive behavior and more. I was tired and I needed help. After working extensively with child psychologists, teachers and conducting intensive research, we came up with a revolutionary solution to tantrums and potty training.

Today, we bring you a completely free Online Parenting Class - a series of 8 emails that you can read at your own pace, that will walk you through:

  1. The power of talking positively
  2. Your best tool: praise the good
  3. Nutrition, sleep, hygiene
  4. Creating a productive morning routine
  5. Dealing with tantrums
  6. Labeling feelings: free printable
  7. How to get your kids to talk about their day
  8. A final note: gaining confidence as a parent

Are you ready?

Sign up today to our mini parenting class and start implementing proven and simple techniques that will bring back your confidence as a parent. You got this! 


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