How to talk to an emotional child during a temper tantrum

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How to stop tempter tantrums

Often times when little kids have an emotional outburst, they are unable to express themselves verbally. We can ask them what happened and how we can make them feel better... and all we get back is more screaming and tears.

This is why at Tantrum Fix we designed our flashcards with that challenge in mind: how can we help a distressed child express their feelings? How can we give them options to feel better in a moment when nothing seems to go through their ears? 

using flashcards to help control tantrums

Our flashcards offer 10 different coping mechanism little kids can choose to do during a meltdown: ask for a hug, get time alone, use their calming bottle, etc. 

We recommend you walk your child through their flashcards when you're reading them their book and while building their special calming corner. Have them get familiar with them, so during a meltdown, they already know they have proper tools to self-regulate.



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