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Very intense tantrums can be so strong and come so out of the blue that it takes us by surprise not knowing what do to. Especially when they happen outside the house (Target tantrums, anyone? 🙋🏾)

The saying "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" couldn't be truer when it comes to tantrums. And while tantrum prevention is the best way to avoid tantrums all together, below you'll find strategies to overcome them successfully on the spot. Even at Target.


Is reading a bedtime story part of your nightly routine? If so, what is your child’s favorite book? If not, consider adding it in! There are several reasons why reading before bed can benefit your child (and you!).


Often times when little kids have an emotional outburst, they are unable to express themselves verbally. We can ask them what happened and how we can make them feel better... and all we get back is more screaming and tears. 

Here's how we get them to express themselves with Tantrum Fix:


How can you tell if your kid's tantrums are normal? Are very intense tantrums happening in your house?

Persistent and severe tantrums can sometimes be a sign of developmental issues or health problems.

Keep reading to find out the main signs that indicate you need professional help.


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