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This is one of the less- talked about issues we face as parents, but arguably one of the most stressful ones (yes, even worse than the dreaded tantrums). Despite your efforts to get your kids excited about grandma, despite your love for your own mom or mother in law... for some very strange reason... your baby screams at the sight of grandma.

Here's what to do:


The world is going through an unprecedented crisis, facing a pandemic that has forced us to stay home to stop the virus from taking up more lives. The impact to the economy and our lives is massive. We are all experiencing some level of anxiety, depression and even grief for the live we used to have.

For all the families out there staying home with their little toddlers, trying to navigate their big emotions, feeling trapped in the house, here are 5 quick tips to avoid meltdowns:


Dealing with emotional toddlers, or even preschoolers who aren't too verbal or get too upset to express themselves can be a real challenge. Flashcards are a great tool to get them to express emotions, label their feelings or simply find strategies to get out of an intense tantrum.


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