Using puzzles to help tame tantrums

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Using puzzles to help tame tantrums

When your child has a tantrum coming on or is just working his or her way out of one, using a puzzle-type toy to refocus their mind and energy towards is an extremely helpful tactic. 

Puzzles and other types of cognitive toys are great for children for several reasons, actually! Puzzles not only exercise our minds but also challenge our way of thinking. As children develop, puzzles present many benefits to them.

They help with problem-solving skills. Children and toddlers must use their imagination and develop strategies on how to achieve this goal. This involves developing solutions, reasoning skills, and solving skills which they can later use in their adult future lives.

They help with the development of cognitive skills. Puzzles can also assist your child to understand how following step by step directions can help them achieve goals in life. Color, letter and spatial awareness skills achieved while playing puzzles are very important. 

They help with hand-eye coordination. Making the connection between the eye and the hand is better practiced by puzzles. 

They help develop fine motor skills. Learning these skills at an early stage will eventually assist them in drawing skills, handwriting, and musical instruments. Self-esteem

Just like an adult, the accomplishment of a set goal often brings so much satisfaction to a child. Overcoming the challenges involved in solving puzzles gives them a sense of pride and self-esteem. This not only boosts their self-confidence but also prepares them for other challenges in life.


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