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Tantrum Fix

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Tantrum Fix
Tantrum Fix Tantrum Fix Tantrum Fix Tantrum Fix Tantrum Fix Tantrum Fix Tantrum Fix

Tantrum Fix is a unique and effective solution to stop your child's temper tantrums, by teaching them to effectively self-regulate, designed for children aged 18 months all the way to 6/7 years old.

Tantrum Fix will help you to:

⤏ Learn why children tantrum.

⤏ Learn how to prevent tantrums and meltdowns.

⤏ Teach your little one how to self-regulate.

⤏ Effectively communicate with your children to get the outcomes you need.

⤏ Set an effective calming space for your children to go release steam and appropriately channel their big emotions.

The end result? A child that starts verbalizing feelings and can cope with big emotions in a more efficient way. You'll be able to better communicate with your little one and rebuild your bond.

Inside Tantrum Fix

Here's what you'll find in your Tantrum Fix box:

  • Step-by-step guidelines for you.
  • Our exclusive tantrum-taming children's book.
  • A set of flashcards designed specially to guide children through self-regulation.
  • A magical calming bottle that provides 2 minutes of soothing reset.
  • A series of elements designed in conjunction with our flashcards and book to provide a relaxing activity that promotes mindfulness. They all work together and you'll find easy instructions in the parents booklet.

Inside Tantrum Fix

You'll notice we offer 2 sizes: Regular and Siblings. The Siblings Size was specially designed for little ones who are very close in age and aren't yet comfortable sharing. All elements come duplicated, except for the parent guidelines and the book, which you will read to both at nighttime. This is a personal decision - if you think your kids are better off working on different spaces, then a siblings box is the right size for you.

Learn more about the Tantrum Fix Siblings solution for little ones close in age.

Explore Inside Tantrum Fix in more detail here- including exactly what goes inside, how each element works and why we included them.

    Is this a time-out? 

    This is definitely NOT a time-out or another form of punishment. That simply doesn't work to regulate big feelings nor will teach emotional language.

    How do you use Tantrum Fix?

    Tantrum Fix works on both Tantrum Prevention and Tantrum Management.

    Your box comes with detailed guidelines that will walk you through our solution step-by-step. 

    Will this work for my child?

    Yes! Teaching emotions to our children will not only help through tantrums, but it will also strengthen your relationship with them and you will see how over time they start listening better, which will, in turn, improve your family dynamics on many levels.

    Is this a subscription?

    Absolutely not! One time only - you won't need anything else :)

    Is Tantrum Fix suitable to stop tantrums in kids with autism?

    Tantrum fix is suitable to use for children on the autism spectrum as all children highly benefit from increasing their ability to recognize and express emotions. Tantrum fix uses visuals to help teach self-regulation and increase emotional awareness. 

    How does it work in school settings?

    Tantrum Fix is being used in Daycares, Preschools and also several Elementary school classrooms all across the US.

    If you would like to purchase Tantrum Fix for your classroom, please indicate so in the notes at checkout and we will send you special guidelines for you.

    Learn more about Tantrum Fix for schools. 

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