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Little kids have a very strong sense of taste and smell, which can sometimes lead to them rejecting strong flavors, and most likely... their dislike of healthy food options.

Sometimes kids may not like a certain texture, a certain look, smell or combination of foods. 

Getting kids to eat healthily can sometimes be really challenging, and regardless of how great of an eater your kid was as a baby... suddenly they can become the pickiest toddler. Below you will find five proven strategies to get your little ones to eat healthier food options:


Very intense tantrums can be so strong and come so out of the blue that it takes us by surprise not knowing what do to. Especially when they happen outside the house (Target tantrums, anyone? 🙋🏾)

The saying "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" couldn't be truer when it comes to tantrums. And while tantrum prevention is the best way to avoid tantrums all together, below you'll find strategies to overcome them successfully on the spot. Even at Target.


Did you know it takes a few years for a child to develop empathy?
And while we are all born with the capacity to develop empathy... it needs nurturing and teaching to really come through.
Empathy is the ability to recognize other people's feelings - putting ourselves "in their shoes". In other words - to correct aggressiveness in a child, we first need to teach empathy and compassion.